branko petrovic

Branko Petrovic was born in 1980 in Split, Croatia. He started practicing different forms of apnea since he was a young man. With the age of sixteen he started to spearfish professionally and for five years he's been practicing Apnea as a sport discipline.

Branko Petrovic is a World Champion and World Record Holder since 2011 (CMAS competition) in Static Apnea with a time of 9'32''.

"I achieved the best time at a competion ever at the 7th Submania Cup in Croatia, last November with a time of 10'23''.
I did a National record of Serbia with a time of 12'11'' during an individual record attempt this january. This is the best time ever achieved in this discipline. Only because there was no Level A judge present it is not recognised as an official World Record." - 2012