Born on 21 May 1967 in Bad Ischl, Austria, Gerhard Gulewicz belongs to the mentally strongest extreme cyclists in the world. In recent years, Gerhard Gulewicz recorded many accomplishments in various races and competitions over long and ultra-long distances. In addition to his world record for the fastest crossing of Australia in 2007, his physical and mental health is showcased by his 7 (!) times repeated participation in the Race Across America, the toughest bike race in the world.


After winning 3rd and two 2nd places in the Race Across America, his stated goal for 2011 was to win this race. Unfortunately, the Upper Austrian exceeded his personal limits during the dramatic and difficult race and had to give up a few hundred kilometres before the finish line.

Just a few weeks after his come back, and during his regeneration phase Gerhard Gulewicz announced something that was hard to believe, especially for those who have witnessed his ordeal in the U.S. first-hand.


Going against any regard for physical limits, the athlete is now again in full training for his re-entering the RACE ACROSS AMERICA 2013.
His reasons for this may be obvious, but the restlessness with what he pursues his goal of winning this race causes incomprehension in many people.


This repeated task demonstrates exceptional self-sacrifice, which only a few athletes occupy and possess. You can call it determination. Ignorance. Hold on assets. Denial. Dream. The outcome is as uncertain as ever. But the spirit is willing ...!