Born on 11 July 1982 in Nice, France, Guillaume Néry is Free Diving World Champion of 2011 and is now one of the world's top free-divers.

His interest in diving grew out of a child's curiosity to explore the marine landscapes, which lay directly in front of his doorstep and were yet unknown.

As the result  of a bet with a classmate, he discovered  his ambitious passion for diving without equipment. This enabled him, according to his own words, to achieve "… The perfect harmony between body and nature” With the help of very charismatic coach, he perfected the art of free-diving.


In 2002, at the age of 20 years, he achieved the world record with a depth of 87 meters. He surpassed this depth in 2004 with 96 meters and then with 109 meters in 2006.
The World Cup of 2011 in Kalamata offered him to become the world’s hero of the depth, where he beat all expectations and became World Champion!

After achieving the big goal of becoming one of the best in his field, a process that is accompanied by the constant pursuit of records, he developed, in an on-going process of personal maturation, a new attitude to his sport.


The special experience under water, in line with nature, is more important to him than the greed for records.
Guillaume shows this philosophy of living in a self-produced, stunning video, shot at the pit of the deepest ocean hole of the earth, the Dean's Blue Hole.
With over 13 (!) million views on YouTube Guillaume Néry reached worldwide fame:


Guillaume uses his international fame to draw attention to the rescue of ocean. In the audio series "Seven Seas Sound Mix for World Oceans Day" Guillaume stands up alongside with personalities like environmental activist David de Rothschild and architect Philippe Starck for the "World Oceans Day".