Born on 25 June in Oslo, Halvor thrilled millions of people around the world with his spectacular videos of wing suit flying:

Halvor belongs to an expanding and yet very small group of people who has realized the ancient dream of flying.
In a sport where there are no matches, he expanded the boundaries of the imaginable ever again. When asked about the beginnings in one of riskiest sports, he replied: 

I have always had an urge to push myself a little bit out of the comfort zone! “


Halvor Angvik is by no means a suicidal mad person; this shows his very deliberate and thoughtful approach to sporting excellence.

His thoughts on this sport and the lessons he draws from these experiences show a picture of a young man who enjoys his existence in this world and gets the most out of his life in an extraordinary way.

It’s a high risk activity because any single mistake will most likely kill you. But I don’t do this for the risk of itself! To risk your life for the sake of pleasure is something I cannot understand. 

Fear is one of the most powerful feelings I experience. I have always liked to challenge that feeling. And the huge reward or satisfaction I get from defying it.


The feeling of freedom I get from hiking and climbing around in the mountain, out of reach of cell coverage and civilization, knowing that I am going to fly off a mountain when I get to the top, gives me an inner peace unmatched by anything else.
Everyday problems are simply left at home in the city and I feel absolutely free. I won’t risk going through my life without living!