julie gautier

Julie Gautier was born in 1980 on the French island of “La Réunion” in the Indian Ocean. She started apnea (free) diving with her father who was a spear fisherman. She is the actual French record holder in constant weight (-68m!). Together with her husband, Guillaume Néry, Julie directed “Free Fall” in 2010. This huge success (over 13 million views on YouTube) gave her enough self-confidence to start a proper film career. She works now as an under-water model, director and camerawomen. Her latest project “Narcose”, that relates the interior journey of Guillaume during one of his deep-water dives, will be released this year.
« I have lived with Guillaume for the last 7 years and we have just had a baby girl together. I thought I knew everything about him and his views on apnoea and freediving, but a few years ago he started sharing with me his underwater bouts of hallucination, intimate confidences that he had never shared with anyone before: NARCOSE was born in my mind. »